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Who We Are

As an early pioneer in integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Edwards paved her own road, developed unique clinical and practice management platforms, and created innovative ways to avoid the many trials and tribulations she had experienced.  The turnkey clinical and practice management systems she created allowed her to build an incredibly successful, cash based medical practice and focus on what she loved doing the most….seeing patients.  As her prominence has increased over the years, she has received hundreds of inquiries from health care providers who want to tap into her clinical and practice management experience and replicate her success.

Dr. Edwards provided me with invaluable information on how to approach complicated patients with stress and adrenal issues.  She consulted with me on individual patient cases and taught me what I needed to know to better care for my complicated patients.”     


 - Dr. Edwin Smith 

Whether you are an individual health care provider, the owner of a small medical practice, or a large medical organization with multiple providers, Dr. Edwards will meet your needs and exceed your expectations by sharing her knowledge so you can enjoy greater clinical expertise and financial success.


What We Do



Dr. Edwards provides clinical consulting for talented health care providers who want to expand their clinical scope and expertise in Integrative Medicine.  She has also launched a practice management services division to assist doctors in growing and fine tuning their business models.

Here are some of the things Dr. Edwards can help you with:

  • Launch or expand a cash based medical practice.

  • Streamline your current medical practice to minimize excess spending and maximize profit.

  • Expand your laboratory and service offerings to generate more revenue.

  • Expand your knowledge and expertise in stress and HPA axis dysfunction.

  • Provide educational seminars for your health care providers

  • Get expert clinical assistance with a challenging patient case.

  • Provide one on one clinical training and customized protocols


​In a world filled with players, Dr. Edwards also wants to equip you with the tools she has created to establish an army of ‘real’ health care providers who value medical integrity and want to make a positive difference in the lives of their patients. She wants to help you do your life’s work with less drama, hassles, and mistakes and teach you the ‘why’s’ behind the ‘what’s’ of your most challenging patients so that you stand out among all the other ‘black and white’ health care professionals out there while taking advantage of a booming medical market.

How We Can Help



Dr. Edwards can work with you in many different ways which can range from providing you with a comprehensive review and plan to launch or expand your practice to working with you in a more informal relationship to address challenges or questions that come up in real time. 

She will conduct an comprehensive review of your goals and needs to deliver a strategic plan customized especially for you and your medical practice or organization. 

Whether you are just getting started, already getting your feet wet and need more oversight and direction, or are already doing great but want to do even better, Dr. Edwards can deliver.

Dr. Lena Edwards is an award-winning physician and a speaker who has pioneered a new way of thinking about the relationship between stress and disease, aging, and quality of life.

Are you tired of the ‘one size fits all’ medical training you received?  So was Dr. Edwards. That is why she broke free from convention and embarked on a bold, relentless journey to solve the inexplicable health problems facing her patients.  Her journey continues, and along the way, she has joined forces with audiences worldwide to confront the conventional ‘black and white’ medical approach and ask the important how and why questions behind the what of illness and disease.


Equipped with vast clinical experience, extensive knowledge, and years of expertise, Dr. Edwards uses her charismatic, no nonsense approach to discuss the latest medical research and explain how and why stress and its effects on complex medical relationships can make us feel stupid, tired, and crazy.  She challenges her audiences to dive in full force and to start thinking outside the box.  Her insights are practical, relatable, and implementable, and her audiences have been empowered and invigorated to change their relationships with stress and their health and to serve as educators and role models for their patients.

Dr. Edwards has been a speaker numerous times at our Hormone Replacement Therapy conferences and our International Seminar.  She is   very professional and easy to work with up front, and at the event she has wowed our attendees with not only her knowledge but also her willingness to stay throughout the event to interact with everyone and answer questions.  Dr. Edwards has an expertise in many areas related   to functional and metabolic medicine and women’s health and has been one of PCCA’s most highly rated speakers.”     

                                                                                                                    - Renee Prescott, Pharm.D.,

Director of Education and Training , PCCA 

Since 2000, Dr. Edwards has traveled across 2 continents, 3 countries, and 15 states as a speaker for numerous medical and mass market venues. Her medical speaking affiliations have included large academic organizations such as The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine andThe Age Management Medical Group.  She has also spoken at prominent corporate events hosted by industrial leaders such as ZRT Laboratories andThe Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America. Her business speaking affiliations have included The National Association of Women Business Owners  andThe Professional Women’s Forum.


Are you hosting a meeting or conference and want to educate your staff how to manage their stress without spontaneously combusting? Dr. Edwards understand executives and is here to help. She delivers unique, highly customized messages designed to empower the most valuable assets of your business on how to navigate their health in pressure cooker environments without losing it.

Medical Groups

Are you planning a medical conference and need an expert with cutting edge information about the relationships between stress, health, and disease? Dr. Edwards combines her clinical experience with the latest scientific research to deliver the newest ways of thinking about stress and what to do about it.  The information she provides is so practical and understandable that medical professionals from all backgrounds will be able to immediately apply what they learn in their daily practices.

Corporate and Professional Venues

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics - National Association of Women's

  • Business Owners

  • Professional Women's Forum


Medical Group and Organization Venues

  • The Age Management Medical Group

  • The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Central Compounding Pharmacy

  • The Dubai Anti Aging Conference

  • Letco Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical Metabolic Institute, George Washington University

  • Metagenics Midwest

  • Orthomolecular Products

  • Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America

  • ZRT Laboratories

Get in Touch

Do you have questions about bringing Dr. Edwards in to speak or do a workshop?

Would you like to engage Dr. Edwards as a consultant for yourself, your company, or your medical organization?

Please complete the information below.  You should receive a response within 48 hours.

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