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About Dr. Lena

Dr. Edwards is a hormone expert specializing in finding and fixing complex hormone imbalances

in women.

Dr. Lena Edwards, Lena Edwards MD

 Hormone Imbalances in Women...

It's Complicated.

I used to think the Universe was complicated until I started solving complex hormone imbalances in women.  It’s been almost 25 years since I first started practicing medicine…and the longer I practice, the more I absolutely love what I do!

As a woman, I have personally experienced the same symptoms of hormone imbalances as other hormonal women…the weight gain, the low energy, the trouble sleeping, the mood swings...all of it. many women, I'm also fed up with my doctor blaming my  symptoms on my age, lack of exercise, and stress.  Really?  I've always had stress and I exercise everyday!

Solving complex hormone imbalances in perimenopausal and menopausal women is my passion.  This is especially true when it comes to helping women whose hormone imbalances are worse because their hormone replacement therapy is wrong.







How Dr. Edwards Can Change Your Life 

For those of you who are interested, you can read all about Dr. Edwards' professional and academic background in her curriculum vitae. 

Here are the 5 most important things about Dr. Edwards that will

guarantee successful outcomes for the women who work with her...

1.  She has been successfully solving complex hormone imbalances in  perimenopausal and menopausal women for almost 30 years. 

Hormones are very complicated…which is why most doctors either don’t prescribe hormone replacement or prescribe them the wrong way.  Dr. Edwards has spent years reading, doing research, and getting additional, sub-specialty training to be the best at what she does.  She has helped thousands of women achieve hormone balance and restore their health. The patient testimonials speak for themselves.

2 She is an expert in fixing hormone imbalances caused by incorrectly prescribed hormone replacement therapy and hormone pellets.  Dr. Edwards loves taking care of complex hormone imbalances in perimenopausal and menopausal women…But what she really loves...and is exceptionally good rebalancing women's hormones who are on the wrong hormone replacement therapy. Women's hormones are very complicated!  If hormones are not given in the correct doses or forms and not monitored in the correct way, it can cause devastating , and sometimes difficult to reverse, side effects.  Only a doctor who know hormones inside and out can fix these kinds of problems...and that's Dr. Edwards.

3.  Dr. Edwards teaches healthcare professionals all over the country about hormones.  She has spent years teaching thousands of medical practitioners how to correctly prescribe, test, and monitor hormones.  The problem is that one or two weekend courses do not make a doctor a 'hormone 'expert'.  The other major problem she's encountered is that many doctors believe they know what they are doing... but they don't.  It takes years of additional training and experience for a doctor to safely and effectively balance hormones.  After almost 25 years, none of her patients have gotten cancer or suffered other side effects because of the HRT she prescribed.  That's why the women who work with her feel safe...they know their hormone replacement therapy is being correctly dosed and monitored by a hormone expert. 

4.  Dr. Edwards is an internationally known expert in Adrenal Fatigue.  There is always a reason for low cortisol levels...which is why just giving women adrenal supplements never helps.  Unless the cause of low cortisol is found and fixed, the low cortisol problem will not go away. Dr. Edwards has spent over ten years writing, researching, teaching, and speaking about stress and adrenal fatigue. She has written a best-selling book, Adrenalogic:  Outsmarting Stress, a book chapter in Stop the Thyroid Madness II, and countless blogs, mass media articles, and scientific research papers on the topics of stress, low cortisol, and adrenal fatigue.  So many doctors are getting adrenal fatigue testing and adrenal fatigue treatment wrong...And, if cortisol isn't right, none of the other hormones, including estrogen, thyroid, and testosterone, will work correctly.


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