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A Word About Health Insurance



In the best interest of my patients, I have chosen not accept health insurance for the following reasons:

1.  I value the privacy and confidentiality of my patients. Using insurance invites a third party, whose primary interest is in saving money and not optimizing patient health, to interfere in the medical care I provide.

2.  In order to submit claims to any insurance company on your behalf, I would be required to provide all of your medical diagnoses which would then placed in a database that will follow you throughout your life and will affect your future health insurance premiums.

3. The time I would have to spend with each patient would be drastically reduced and therefore compromise not only my relationship with my patients but also the comprehensive, excellent quality of care I provide for my patients.

4.  Submitting insurance claims is an incredibly time consuming process which would require me to hire additional staff members.  This added business expense would require me to raise the cost of my consultation fee.

5.  Ultimately, the dollars you may save if your health insurance carrier covered the cost of the program would likely add up to much higher monthly insurance premiums for you and your family members.

If you go to the gym or buy organic food, for example, you've already made the conscious decision to invest in your health despite the additional cost.  The same is true when it comes to medical health and wellness programs...they are an investment in your health.  This program will help you permanently transform your health for the better which ultimately translates into lower health care costs as you age. 

You are also welcome to use your flexible spending account or health savings account, but please check with your health insurance carrier first to make sure this is a qualified expense. 


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