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Are You on the Right

Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Are You in Trouble?

(Here's What Your Score Means)

1-2 yes

you are at risk!

Your hormones aren't being dosed correctly which is putting you at mild risk for breast cancer and

other health problems.

3-4 yes

you are at moderate risk!

Your hormones aren't being dosed correctly which is putting you at moderate risk for breast cancer and other health problems.

5 or more yes

you are at severe risk!

Your hormones aren't being dosed correctly which is significantly increasing your risk for breast cancer and other ajor health problems

5 Key Ways to Keep Your

Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe 

1.  Never Take Oral Estrogen

Estrogen is a VERY important hormone with over 400 functions in the replacing it if it is low is very important. However, giving estrogen by mouth, even if it is bioidentical, can cause numerous harmful side effects.  This is because the body processes it very differently than when it is given as a cream or pellet. Some of the negative side effects of oral estrogen include breast and uterine cancer, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and increased risk of blood clotting, just to name a few.

2.  Always Take Progesterone.

All menopausal women need progesterone, even if they don't have a uterus. Progesterone is the body's natural estrogen balancing hormone and has over 300 other functions in the body.  By balancing the effects of estrogen, progesterone lowers the risk of estrogen dominated health issues including fibrocystic breasts, breast cancer, and uterine cancer.

3.  NEVER take Progestins! 

There is so much confusion about this issue...mainly because doctors tell patients that 'all hormones are the same'. The fact of the matter is that progestins are NOT the same hormone as progesterone.  Progestins, including Provera and Medroxyprogesterone, are usually used in menopausal women who have a uterus to protect against endometrial cancer. They are similar to progesterone in this aspect only.  The problem is that they are actually anti-progesterone in every other respect.  As a result, they have a very scary list of side effects which include breast cancer, blood clotting, and heart disease. They can also cause mood problems, weight gain, thyroid problems, and immune system dysfunction. Since progesterone is safe and readily available, there is absolutely NO reason to every use progestins!

4.  Don't Rely on Blood Work to Follow Hormone Levels.

Blood testing for estrogen and progesterone are unreliable because labs cannot provide the FREE levels of these hormones. This is important because the total levels of these hormones are not helpful.  Only the FREE forms are available to enter the cells and do their thing.  This is why the levels in the blood are inaccurate and cannot be used to make treatment decisions. There are much better, more accurate ways to test hormone levels, especially if topical hormones are being used.  These include urine, saliva, and blood spot testing.


5.  Do Your Homework !

Hormone replacement done the right way is life changing for women. However, done the wrong way, hormone replacement can cause horrible side effects. Don't work with just any doctor.  Make sure they have been properly trained so they thoroughly understand hormone relationships. Also, make sure to educate yourself so you know the right questions to ask.  Finally, use extreme caution if you are considering doing hormone replacement through a hormone franchise.  They frequently use protocols, and all patients get essentially the same treatment.  They do not offer individualized, customized hormone replacement therapy.

If you are concerned about your current hormone replacement therapy and can't find a doctor you can trust who can safely prescribe your hormones...

It's time to put your hormones in the hands of a hormone imbalance expert!

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