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We offer patients a wide variety of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements from companies Dr. Edwards knows and trusts.

Less than 5% of all supplements are pharmaceutical grade.  We are proud to offer patients access to only the safest, purest, and highest quality products.


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These cutting edge educational modules have been developed to empower patients with

the knowledge they need to proactively manage their health.

The information in these modules is based on Dr. Edwards' 25 years of clinical experience

and the most up to date scientific evidence.

Educational Webinar Offerings

  • Laboratory Recommendations & Interpretation for Women Over 30:  available now
  • Abnormal Lab Results:  What to Know & What to Do Next:  coming soon
  • Everything Women Need to Know About Female Sex Hormones:  available now
  • Everything Women Need to Know About Hormone Testing:  coming soon
  • Everything Women Need to Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: available now
  • The Hidden Factors Sabotaging Your Weight Loss:  coming soon
  • Everything You Need to Know About Thyroid Hormone:  coming soon
  • What Women Need to Know About Eating Right for Their Metabolic Type:  coming soon
  • Your Exercise Prescription:  coming soon

Lab Recommendations & Interpretation for

Healthy Women Over 30

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Comprehensive Reference Guide Included

This webinar is perfect for women who want to take charge of their health! It can be VERY frustrating to feel OUT OF CONTROL when it comes to staying healthy. Even if you are doing everything right, other hidden factors can SABOTAGE your efforts...But, HOW do you know how to PROACTIVELY prevent future health challenges if you DON'T KNOW what labs you really need??

You will learn EXACTLY what lab work you need if you are in generally good health and WANT TO STAY HEALTHY.  Even though some of the labs discussed are part of routine blood will also learn the OTHER IMPORTANT LABS that should be done that are NOT TYPICALLY included in a 'routine blood panel'. WHAT'S'll learn why lab results that fall in the 'normal reference range' DON'T MEAN HEALTHY, and how early disease processes can easily be missed!

Some of the labs discussed include vitamin levels, including Vitamin D, B12, and folic acid, markers of inflammation and increased risk of heart disease, and the genetic marker for abnormal folic acid metabolism.  Thyroid hormone testing is also discussed, and a detailed explanation ​of thyroid hormone production and proper test interpretation is provided.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About

Female Sex hormones