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Dr. Edwards expertise in endocrinology and preventative medicine has championed her to be one of the most recognizable and most respectful doctors in today's treatment of Thyroid and Thyroid related symptoms.

Our Guides are designed to provide you with insightful knowledge and data about Thyroid solutions in today's modern medicine world. 

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In this guide you will:

Learn how to understand Thyroid lab
Which prescription doesn't work
How to avoid being overdosed
When is the best time to take your pills
What symptoms may NOT be Thyroid related

I was diagnosed with low thyroid by another doc but he missed the low ferritin and low vitamin d. She is also currently testing my hormones as this all works together. Thank the Lord for a doctor who does not just treat by the blood work only. She takes into consideration how you feel too and anyone with thyroid issues would concur. I would recommend her to anyone, even family

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