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Complex Hormone Imbalances CAN be Corrected...

But Only If You Work With an Expert!


These testimonials are from actual patients.

These women were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and took action

to restore their health and enjoy their lives again.... 

You can enjoy the same what are you waiting for?


Kelly S.

My mother had me join Weight Watchers at 17. I reached my goal weight several times but never could sustain it. I have probably gone back and rejoined the program 7-8 times most recently losing one pound in a year. I have worked with several nutritionists over the last 20+ years. At $30 a weekly visit; that is a lot of money. None of them could figure out why no matter how low of calories I ate my weight didn’t change. I was told to donate my body to medical science.   Low carb, low fat, Whole 30, Keto…………… My doctor visits have always been for illnesses other than a once a year OB/GYN visit and an annual physical with my Internist. His idea of an annual physical is listen to my heart, take my BP and send me to lab for cholesterol and glucose testing. All is always within normal range.

I finally found Dr. Edwards after hearing about her from a friend.  Due to the comprehensive nature of her program, Dr. Edwards assessed every aspect of my health.  My weight is below 200 pounds for the first time since the 1980’s. I am working on the exercise and stress reduction components, and I feel positive for the first time that I can be a normal weight and be physically and mentally prepared for my future.

The next 20 years of my life will be spent in great health and I will be equipped to take charge of my own health. I won’t be carrying around a gallon zip lock of pills like my friends do.  I would stand on top of my house and yell for every woman to work with Dr. Edwards and not just let people tell you, “oh that’s just what happens with menopause and after”.  Women over 50 get treated as they no longer are important. The world will know better after Dr. Edwards creates her new army of strong informed healthy women.

Maribeth C.

In November of 2017 from a Top Director in Mary Kay stating that God laid it on her heart for me to get in touch with Dr. Lena Edwards. I had been praying for a Miracle! We had seen numerous doctors with no answers, and I felt completely crazy! I couldn't function, and my new baby and I were living with my parents most of the time so my husband could continue to work to provide for us. I was diagnosed with PTSD, but something deeper was going on but no one seemed to believe me as all my blood work always looked "normal".

Dr. Edwards believed me, empathized with me, and sprung into action! Shortly after working with her I ended up in the hospital with the Flu and RSV. She graciously worked with me through all of that as well! But GOD...That day I messaged Dr. Edwards has significantly changed my life!

In the last 4 months, I have finally gotten answers to my health! I was diagnosed with Postpartum Autonomic Dysfunction (POTS). Dr. Edwards found I had a genetic mutation that predisposed me to this syndrome that I'd had my entire life but never knew! She got me on the correct supplement for it and it was like my brain came alive!


My abnormal lab tests all improved, and my periods are light again! I'm exercising 10 minutes a day after a year of being afraid to even stand up and walk through my house. I'm now living back in my own house with my wonderful husband and funny baby boy. I was even able to have 25 people in my house for his 1st Birthday Party which was a miracle!


I do have help in my house and with my baby. I'm still on a journey to a full recovery, but I know God gave me Dr. Edwards. I love you Dr. Edwards! You have truly been part of my miracle! 


Cammy O.

I had worked with two different practitioners prior to working with Dr. Edwards. The first I began working with 6 years ago, then switched to a different one a year ago. On the first one, I had invested $9,000 (not including lab work) over a period of 3 years and felt like I had put a band-aid on the issue by being prescribed some high-dose BHRT. The last practitioner was much more affordable but over 9 months, instead of feeling better, I was on high doses of BHRT and had also been put on a high dose of a thyroid med and found myself feeling worse than when I had started on thee prescriptions.

I was desperate to get to the root of why I was feeling so bad and had been praying for the right Dr. and an answer. I saw a recorded testimonial from someone I’m connected to through business, and she was describing many of the same symptoms as I had but now was thriving and looked more vibrant and energetic than ever. I knew I needed to schedule a consultation with Dr. Edwards immediately.  I thought, I can either invest in me now, or pay multiplied times that amount down the road in medical bills because I did not get to the root of the problem and learn how to live and support a healthy lifestyle. It has been worth every penny!

In just 4 months, I cannot even describe the improvement in every area of my life. I thought this person was lost forever, but now I’m back! I can work a full week, have energy to live life beyond work, I’m back to exercising and I feel better than I have in years!

What was different about working with Dr. Edwards was the level of health education I received and the often times daily guidance along the way. We got down to the building blocks of health and she equipped me with the knowledge to understand what was going on and how to be my own best health advocate now and for the future. I feel empowered to make the right choices in all areas of my health.


This was a priceless investment in me and I now have great knowledge to help my family live a healthier lifestyle as well! I would recommend Dr. Edwards to anyone she consults with and says she can help them. I was totally committed to the wellness process and did everything she asked me to do. This is a critical inch piece. THANK YOU Dr. Edwards for investing in me and giving me back my life! I will be forever grateful!

Jo F.

I had been mis-diagnosed with several things (even Ulcerative Colitis!) and had about given up hope for ever being ‘normal’ again!  I also had reached the point with my arthritis that I had to go on disability.  I was so crippled up that I could barely get up out of my chair some days.  I had two major surgeries on one ankle & finally had to have an artificial one put in.  I will have to have both knees replaced also from damage done in an accident but no one would do it due to my weight, which, as you can imagine, was hard to lose when you can hardly walk.   I had seen so many doctors & had several ‘procedures’ that never helped!  I was taking prescription drugs that had horrible side effects & even worse price tags!  I had really given up any hope of ever getting better & resigned myself to being depressed & sick forever.

Over the years I had watched a gal in our business blossom.  She had so much energy & looked like she had quit aging!  It was an amazing transformation.  I knew she was working with a doctor local to her, but she lived halfway across the country from me, so I didn’t ever think I could work with her.  However, when the doctor (Lena Edwards) decided to offer this Healthy Transformation Program I decided that I HAD to try! 


I have learned so much from her & from the program!  Fast forward 3 short months later & I have more energy than I’ve had since I was 30! (I’m now 60).  I’m looking forward to life again!  My brain fog is lifting more & more every day, I don’t take 2 or 3 naps a day, I’m a happier person & I can get around better than I have in years!  I’ve learned which foods I was eating that were causing inflammation in my body & which foods will help me continue to feel this way!  I’ve lost over 20 pounds so far before I even began exercising! 


I now take medicines, hormones & supplements that truly support my health goals & am off of all the harmful drugs!  The best part is that I now have the tools to go forward into a much healthier future!  This program has been such a life saver for me!  I so wish everyone could have a chance to work with Dr. Edwards…I really can’t stress that enough! Thank you Dr Lena Edwards!!!!

Cindy T.

I knew that it was time to take action when I found myself sobbing uncontrollably because I didn’t want to go home from my cabin in the woods.  I wanted to just “check out”. I’m a blessed mom of 4 daughters, 9 grandchildren and a great-grandbaby. Married to my forever man for 42 years. I have a strong career in direct selling. Why do I want to check out?  I felt overwhelmed, fat, in a fog, dumpy, tired, scatter brained, grouchy and didn’t sleep. Sex?  Ugh!!!! I began to think that this was what “getting old” was all about. 

My goodness... 62 felt like 92! I tried diets, supplements, hormone creams and pills. I tried exercise classes, massages and chiropractic care, and added oils too. Of course, I also did the anxiety pills.  They just made me not care about feeling like I was 92. My family doctor sent me to a compounding pharmacist who did the saliva test and recommended estrogen and progesterone.  It didn’t make much of a difference and the estrogen was scary to take. More confused.  All of my blood tests were “normal”.  How can that be?  I tried to eat healthy, however, all of the articles out there on the internet had me so confused as to what that really looks like.  Hence, the total breakdown on a Sunday in November driving down a country road. God is this what getting old is all about?


God answered my prayer when I was added to a Facebook group. I had heard of Dr. Lena Edwards a few years ago through a business colleague. After gleaning through the Facebook group and watching the patient interviews, I made a consultation appointment.  The minute I heard her voice, I felt her passion for helping women. This lady was no ordinary “doctor”.  She educates her patients to be an advocate for their own health.  After talking with my hubby, we decided it was important for me to invest into my health. The investment was important because it created a commitment.


Thanks to Dr. Lena, her experience, her compassion, and her knowledge, I am living a life that is filled with joy and contentment. I have energy. I sleep. I have a waistline. I understand good food choices for a healthy gut. I have clarity and a very “happy” husband. . . Sex?  Yes Please!!!!

Cindy T

Anne Maree P.

I was at a low point in my life when a friend recommended I talk with Dr. Lena Edwards. I had been gaining weight, very emotional, tired all the time, depression and anxiety.  I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1997 and continued to get my blood tested on a regular basis and followed the protocol of the doctor I was seeing at the time. Even though I was on medication, I was still having the symptoms.  I even tried to go all natural with supplements on my own.  That only made the situation worse. 

I was on anxiety, depression, and digestive medication when I began the program.  Every doctor I went to tried to put a band aid on the symptoms by prescribing more medication.  I had gotten to the point where I was barely surviving everyday life.  Trying to work a high pressure job and take care of my family which consists of three kids at home as well as plan a wedding to the love of my life.  I decided I couldn't live like this anymore or I was going to suffer and make my family suffer... so I contacted Dr. Lena. 


She listened to me cry as I explained everything I had been feeling and dealing with for months (possibly years).  I enrolled in her program to discover what I needed to do to take control of my life and health.  I did the testing she requested and as the results came through found out that it wasn't only my thyroid that was out of balance.  My hormones were all low as well. You hear all these things about diets and how to lose weight, but never was I taught to eat healthy.  It wasn't about losing weight, it was about getting healthy. Losing weight is an added benefit.  Dr. Lena also taught me how to read test results, and what testing is accurate for the different types of hormones. 


Since working with Dr. Edwards, I have lost 20 pounds, my thyroid is back in normal range, I continue to eat healthy every day, and I know what I to do be healthy and stay healthy.  This has been a life changing event for me.  I look and feel better than I have in years.  You can not put a price on these types of results.  It is truly amazing.

Judy P.

I started working with Dr. Edwards in 2017.  I had been experiencing low energy, foggy thinking, and not sleeping well.  I had also been suffering with diarrhea since June 2017.  I felt flat and couldn't find the excitement to get involved in my home based business. All my blood work prior to working with Dr. Edwards indicated I was normal, however I knew I wasn’t OK.

After only a few short months working with Dr. Edwards,  and I was back to doing my normal routine of working and enjoying my home business.  My energy levels had increased, my diarrhea was gone, and I was sleeping an average of 7.5 hrs per night! I feel like a NEW woman and that makes me happy as I’ll be celebrating my 70th Birthday April 30, 2018!

Lisa Anne H.

I am so grateful for the guidance and support and treatment with Dr Lena Edwards.  I came to her with numerous problems, that all inter-relate.  She was extremely encouraging and gave me hope in our very first call.  The educational component has been invaluable, so that I am more knowledgeable about my own health care.  Being a part of a group of women who are all undergoing the same changes and challenges provided support throughout the program. I appreciate the easy communication, and the step by step plan at the end of the program.  If you are struggling with multiple challenge medical challenges, I highly encourage you to work with Dr. Lena Edwards.

Lori M.jpg

Lori M.

Four years ago I was very sick for over a year with an impacted bowel. My gastroenterologist had treated me for twelve months, trying every medication and my symptoms were only getting worse. He decided the only thing left to do was remove a large section of my intestines in hopes of resolving this issue. He did not have a diagnosis and could not explain to me why this was happening.  I went to see Dr. Edwards, and she knew the problem immediately when numerous other doctors could not get to the bottom of my issues over the course of thirteen months. She is remarkable!

A short period of time later, Dr. Edwards took a sabbatical. In that time I began seeing a doctor for my hormone replacement. Over the course of sixteen months, all my post menopausal symptoms returned with a vengeance. I felt out of control, depressed and lost. My life had become a host of physical issues fatigue, joint pain, sleeplessness, exhaustion, lack of a sex drive and all the other things that go along with that.

She was quite concerned with my labs results, my testosterone level was off the chart high, as were all my other hormones. This was very alarming for me because my mother died of breast cancer and my sister had breast cancer. Over the next several months, Dr. Edwards helped me with my hormones, nutrition, weight, supplements, and vitamins. She revamped my whole life style. I never had a doctor stay in touch with me, care about me and go above and beyond for me. I feel I have been given a new lease on life, a new body to reside in and I feel vibrant and alive.

Dr. Lena Edwards is the most unique doctor I've ever encountered! She is exceptionally talented and a truly remarkable human being, her expertise is unparalleled! She is brilliant, kind and supremely humble! She is a brilliant doctor, an amazing human being and angel sent from heaven. I love you Dr. Lena Edwards!

Nancy L.

Nancy L.

For many years, I had been searching for an integrative practitioner who had the ability to treat the entire person.....not just individual symptoms. Through a serious of events, Dr. Lena Edwards was brought to my attention.


I knew during the initial consultation that the integrative practitioner I had been hoping to discover was finally here! Dr. Edwards has the brilliant ability to connect the many critical dots necessary to get to the root cause of many seemingly unrelated issues. Her integrative knowledge is unparalleled.....especially in the area of hormones. Her  tenacious ability to drill down into and interpret lab results is amazing! She treats the entire person, not just isolated parts as is the practice of the majority of main stream practitioners.


I consider Dr. Edwards a life saver in that a potentially serious issue was discovered due to her diligence. The issue was literally nowhere on my radar!


I am beyond blessed and grateful for Dr Lena Edwards and her profound integrative knowledge. She truly is a gift to those who are fortunate enough to discover her!

Screenshot (116).png

Lillian V.

In my early 30’s I stopped having periods. For several yearly exams - I would share with my male gynecologist who performed all three of my C-sections of symptoms I was experiencing and symptoms I wasn’t having and he would discount what I was sharing and tell me I was to young for menopause. Finally, he did a test and it came back that in-fact I was correct. However, because I have a RBBB heart condition and a strong female family history of cancer I was told to endure and go on because I wouldn’t be able to take hormones because of the risk factors.


After, my second granddaughter was born I switched to my daughters female gynecologist. She was more sympathetic and tried to address isolated symptoms but nothing was improving. She also didn’t feel comfortable with hormone therapy. I started sleeping later and needing a nap during the day. Fuzzy thinking and Memory issues. Bloating and vision issues. Reached a Plateau in my weight loss.

Then I saw a Facebook group called Barely Surviving to Absolutely Thriving and saw comments from Dr. Lena Edwards. I had heard about her before and researched her practice and read her book. I went a step further and joined in on her webinar. Then set up a consultation with her. That one hour with her was the first time a physician actually participated in my total health status and offered advice. I joined her program in January of this year and it has been the healthiest decision I have ever made.

The education and direction that I received from the program will be lifelong. She has addressed things and made significant improvements that I just thought I was destined to endure. I feel female again with hormones replacement therapy - I have to look back at my journal entries to remember the issues I was having before because now I feel great. I have a functioning body the way God designed the body to work!

No more headaches - I have energy and less abdominal inflammation. My Vision issues were resolved. Memory is sharper. I stopped taking Lexapro and would not wish the withdrawal brain zaps and dizziness on anyone or advice discontinuing without physician monitoring. My diet is improved and my cholesterol levels are in range. I didn’t realize that I could feel this good - happy and energetic and encouraged.


Participating with Dr. Edwards and receiving her encouragement and expert advice and education has been the best gift I’ve given myself and my family. I encourage you to Be your own health advocate - listen to your body and find a physician that will listen and make improvements to your health.

Lillian V.
B. Iglay.png

Brigitte I.

I was doing many of the right things, yet I was so achy. Eating fairly clean, getting massages, seeing a chiropractor, taking care of regular preventive health care exams, yet that achy and tired feeling. 

In my circle of influence, I heard of wonderful things about Dr. Edwards. I just felt I did not want to make the investment, UNTIL one day in May. I hit the point of having tried every diet there ever was only to get fatter. The doctors all said my blood was “normal” and the weight is because I’m getting older and my wacky thyroid. Oh yes, the thyroid issue I have will cause me to get fatter, sluggish and more blah.  I refused to believe it. 

So enter Dr. Edwards. I respected her from the moment she said, don’t sign up to work with me, until you are completely committed. Don’t waste our time and your $$$.  Right then I knew she did not care about the money, she cared about me being well.

I highly recommend Dr. Edwards. She is very knowledgeable, honest, direct, kind, extremely thorough and real. She truly is the “Dr. Why” as she looks for why we feel the way we do.  Dr. Edwards customizes her work for your body. She thinks outside the box as she combines multidimensional  medicines. Through all of this she teaches you how to live your best with your particular body. 

I am forever grateful that I decided to work with Dr. Edwards!

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