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How We Can Help

Dr. Edwards can work with you in many different ways which can range from providing you with diagnostic and a comprehensive review and plan to working with you in a more informal relationship to address challenges or questions that come up in real time. She will conduct an comprehensive review of your health challenges, goals and needs to deliver a strategic plan customized especially for you. Whether you are just getting started, already getting your feet wet and need more oversight and direction, or are already doing great but want to do even better, Dr. Edwards can deliver.

What We Do


Dr. Edwards provides clinical consulting for clients with unexplained or unresolved health issues, or concerns that conventional medicine or even functional medicine hasn't been able to resolve. There is only way to help you and that is by starting to ask the right questions and guiding you to a total transformation. We are your partner in health and our mission is to see you succeed.

Here are some of the things Dr. Edwards can help you with:

  • Endocrinology and Thyroid

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Gut and intestinal issues

  • Food Allergies 

  • Stress and HPA axis dysfunction.

  • Diet and Detox

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Lab interpretation 


​In a world filled with players, Dr. Edwards also wants to equip you with the tools she has created to establish an army of ‘real educated clients' who value medical integrity and want to share the positive difference in the lives of the others. She wants to help you do your life’s work with less drama, hassles, and mistakes and teach you the ‘why’s’ behind the ‘what’s’ of your most challenging questions so that you stand out among all the other ‘black and white’ diagnosis out there while enjoying more healthier and fulfilling life with your family.


 Weight Loss 

 Hair Loss 

 Lab Interpretation



Kelly S.

My mother had me join Weight Watchers at 17. I reached my goal weight several times but never could sustain it. I have probably gone back and rejoined the program 7-8 times most recently losing one pound in a year. I have worked with several nutritionists over the last 20+ years... 

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