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"FIND A DOCTOR THAT IS WILLING AND WANTS TO FIGURE OUT THE "WHY" TO YOUR SYMPTOMS! DO NOT let them mask or bandaid them with prescription medication"

Dr. Edwards has given me a much better quality of life. For years I had suffered with fatigue and in the last year it bottomed so horribly that I could not perform my daily duties as needed. I also developed horrible, very scary depression. I had been checked previously by other physicians but told that my blood work was all in the "normal" range. Dr. Edwards was the only physician who knew to order additional tests and, no surprise to me, the results were not at all "normal". She listened to my symptoms and I felt that she believed me unlike the other physicians. Honestly, I don't know how I could have continued without her help. As far as the cost, it sometimes is a struggle for me to pay out of pocket but her services are well worth the cost. I am EXTREMELY happy that I am one of her patients.

I was diagnosed with low thyroid by another doc but he missed the low ferritin and low vitamin D. She is also currently testing my hormones as this all works together. Thank the Lord for a doctor who does not just treat by the blood work only. She takes into consideration how you feel too and anyone with thyroid issues would concur. I would recommend her to anyone, even family.

After decades of being rushed in and out of various doctor's offices and being one of six patients with the exact same appointment time as mine, I was relieved when I walked into Dr. Edwards' office. I was the only one waiting (she doesn't double book!) and....she spent 45 minutes with me explaining in great detail the results of my blood work and other tests. I'm thrilled to know that she can help me with my issues without throwing a prescription at every one of them. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Although I don't know the accuracy in diagnosing my problem (rating above), with her expertise in hormonal imbalance, I feel confident that she will help me. I highly recommend Dr. Edwards.

A physician you can trust!
Not only have I been working with Dr. Edwards for the past 3 years with great success, she cares for a number of my business associates and friends. Her book, Adrenalogic, is a great resource and her knowledge and expertise, along with her helpful, listening style, make her priceless. Looking for the best? You found her!

Dr. Edwards has connected so many of my health dots that no other doctor has ever been able to connect. She listens, she orders the correct blood work, and she treats the symptoms and person as a whole! 

I brag about Dr. Edwards to everyone. I feel like my old self again and thanks to Dr. Edwars taking the time to explain I understand why. Everyone should have a doctor like Dr. Edwards.

Dr. Edwards is knowledgeable and dedicated. She has the unique ability to search for root causes rather than throw drugs at a problem.

I have been seeing Dr Edwards for several years. I came to her because I have a sensitive system that takes a person that is willing to listen to me and that can analyze complex problems. Under another doctors care, an endocrinologist, I had to go to the emergency room. He gave me strict instructions not to go off this prescription drug even though I told him that it made me feel awful. The next day I was rushed to the ER with drug overdose symptoms. I knew that I had to find a better doctor. My OBGYN recommended that I go to Dr Edwards. I am feeling much better, she has helped me tremendously. I pay an annual admin fee and then for at least 2 visits annually. I have recommended her to other friends and sometimes she has helped them and other times not so much. I think it depends on what the medical problem is & if you are willing or able to follow her suggestions. I am satisfied with her care. Thanks for reading this.

Dr. Edwards has a vast knowledge of how every system in the body is connected to, and affected by every other system, and how to keep them in balance to maintain wellness. She checks nutritional status, hormonal status, and levels of toxins that all can affect our wellness. Her approach is to help prevent illness, not just supress symptoms with prescription drugs (and their side effects), as most western medicine doctors do. It is a process, so be patient and follow her plan, and you will feel better than you have in years. I know I do! Some object to her fees, but my deductible is so high, I basically pay for my health care anyway.....and I am not taking a list of prescription drugs.....and I feel great

Highly recommend Dr. Lena Edwards.
Dr. Edwards is thorough, attentive, and incredibly knowledgable about women's health issues. I am thankful for her expertise and am confident that she is up to date on all current research related to women's health. I have received excellent advice and care, and plan on continuing this privileged doctor/patient relationship.

I wouldn't go to anyone else!
I have seen doctors for many years and frankly, wouldn't go anywhere else. I feel great and at 65, people think I'm a good 10-12 years younger and I owe it all to Dr Edwards. I recommend her to people as often as possible and all come away with as high a regard for her as I do..

I have been to Dr. Edwards for years and have been helped with the bio-identical hormones,esp. after having a complete hysterectomy in 1990 and that has been some time ago....still need to be balanced and she has given several test to accomplish just that....gotta see where ya are to see where ya are going....the results are there and she knows exactly what to prescribe and i have been helped greatly and appreciate her so much... thanks Dr. Edwards.

I had been sick for 10 years after gallbladder surgery. I went to 18 specialists, including the head of Rheumatology at the Cleveland Clinic. I had given up. Dr. Edwards truly helped me to get life back !

I highly recommend Dr. Edwards...she takes care of my son, my wife and myself. We have been with her since 4 years ago when she was in Lexington - Ky., we still do the teleconference with her. Very knowledgeable and goes straight to the point without wasting your time. Very professional! Excellent Doctor! Highly recommended!

I went to see Dr Edwards because I had nothing more to loose, I'm fed up with conventional medicine practices for problems that don't fit in a nice little box of symptoms that insurance and drug companies are willing to pay for. It is a bit of a stretch to pay cash and do all the supplements, but I'm worth it and I want to get better. I've wasted way more time and money these last few years with several physicians and specialists being misdiagnosed over and over again and taking rx's that never helped. I like the way she practices medicine and that is to get to the root of the problem and try to fix it. I've only been seeing her a few months but seems like she is performing miracles compared to the previous medical care I had received.

One of the first things Dr. Lena told me to do was stop exercising until my body had recovered enough to handle the stress of exercising. Just shows how unique and special Dr. Lena is! Not many doctors would tell you to stop exercising because your body was too worn down to tolerate it. Now I can hit the gym without problem!

I agree & advised my physician I would not be taking one right now. I really appreciate you educating me & being able to discuss this with you. Thank you and have a blessed day. You are a blessing to me & so many others.

The best Dr. I have had!
I've been her patient for over 10 years. She was the only physician who fought for my care. She is brilliant and knows exactly which tests to run to find the cause for symptoms. Without her care, I would have gone through unnecessary surgeries and would still be struggling with sleep deprivation and fatigue. Thanks to her I can enjoy life with renewed energy.

Dr. Edwards is the best diagnostician in the country! Her knowledge is amazing and she is charming to boot. I hope to always have her as my physician.

Dr Edwards has a logical, intelligent, comprehensive approach to wellness. Instead of waiting for a symptom to show up, then suppressing it with drugs, she discovers what is out of balance in your body and fixes that , so the body can heal itself and function.

Best visit medical visit, interaction and diagnosis yet!!!! Hormonal I was completly off-balance, but after speaking and seeing Dr. Edwards, I feel GREAT!!!!! I cannot thank Dr. Edwards enough for making me feel like myslef again. I would highly reccomend this very professsional doctor to all my family and friends!

Are you sick and tired of your "doctor?!?" simply managing your health issues with band aid type treatments. Do you want a real "Doctor" that will find and treat the root cause of your condition. Then you should seek help from Dr. Lena Edwards. In addition to helping you find healing from health issues, Dr. Edwards will get your hormones balanced and make sure you are not deficient in critical vitamins. Dr. Lena Edwards is both the brightest and most compassionate doctor that I know.

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