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Do you think that Estrogen causes cancer?

Estrogen Metabolism
Estrogen metabolism

Well, you know my tag line....THERE'S MUCH MORE TO THE STORY!

Think about it....if Estrogen alone caused breast and uterine cancer, we would all be getting these cancers when we are in are mid 20's, when hormone levels are at their peak.

One MAJOR thing that influences estrogen's effects on breast and uterine (and every other tissue) is the way your liver METABOLIZES Estrogen.

Your liver is like a great big car wash...with 7 lanes, to be exact. The main 'lane' that metabolizes Estrogen is called the Methylation pathway.

When going through this pathway, estrogen can be metabolized into the 'Good Fairy' Estrogen or the 'Bad Fairy' Estrogen....and the Bad Fairy causes WAY MORE DAMAGE than the original Estrogen ever could!

This figure describes some of the things you can do to help promote HEALTHY ESTROGEN METABOLISM.

BTW...This is true for all women, whether or not they are using estrogen. The body makes 3 kinds of estrogen in many different tissues in the body besides the ovaries.

FINAL FACT: Most women that get breast cancer are NOT on hormones. The number one risk factor for breast cancer is a woman's AGE....and that is because she is exposed to estrogens without the benefit of progesterone for a longer period of time.

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