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No Uterus Does NOT Mean No Progesterone...

Progesterone is the hormone that naturally balances estrogen in a woman's body....

...It has hundreds of different functions including protecting the brain, preventing bone breakdown, improving mood, maintaining a healthy body weight, improving sleep, reducing swelling, improving immune system function, reducing inflammation, and the list goes on and on....

...When a woman has a uterus and is considering hormone replacement therapy, it is necessary to put her on progesterone WITH estrogen to prevent the development of uterine other words, in women with a uterus, estrogen alone is a NO NO!!

...When a women undergoes removal of her uterus, flawed conventional medical 'wisdom' says, "No uterus, no progesterone necessary, no problem'...NOT!!!

...Every single cell in your body utilizes progesterone for just because a woman does not have a uterus DOES NOT mean she doesn't need PROGESTERONE!!

...For those of you who have had a hysterectomy and are on estrogen only, you may experience weight gain, constipation, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and many symptoms reminiscent of PMS....

...ALWAYS use progesterone WITH estrogen, even if you don't have your uterus...and remember PROGESTERONE IS NOT THE SAME THING AS PROGESTIN!

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