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What Every Woman Must Know About Oral Estrogen Therapy

Updated: May 7, 2019

Oral Estrogen

Let's start with the laundry list of side effects that are CLEARLY printed on the package insert of ALL oral estrogens:

1. Blood clotting

2. Increased risk of stroke

3. Increased levels of CRP (inflammatory marker for heart disease)

4. Increased levels of triglycerides (which are a bigger risk factor for heart disease in women than LDL)

5. Decreased HDL ("good cholesterol")

6. Increased risk of breast cancer

7. Decreased levels of cortisol

8. Decreased levels of active thyroid hormone

9. Worsening asthma

…the list is actually even longer than this....

IMPORTANT NOTE: These issues tend to occur when...

1. You take estrogen ORALLY (not through the use of creams, gels, or pellets)

2. You are getting WAY more estrogen than you should be

3. If you are on estrogen only without progesterone (NOT progestins....there's a difference!)

SO...BE CAREFUL, and ONLY work with a DOCTOR who knows what they are doing!!!!!

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