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Is Your Doctor Getting Under Your Hood??

Is Your Doctor Looking Under Your Hood

If you notice your car engine is making an unusual grinding sound, you take it to your local service station...right?

...If the mechanic simply told you to put ear plugs in so you don't hear the sound instead of opening up the hood to investigate the cause of the sound...What would you do??

...WOULD YOU GO BACK??…...Probably not!

...So why should you expect that type of response from your doctor when you are given another prescription medication or a pat on the back as the 'solution' to your internal 'noises'...whether it be fatigue, depression, insomnia, hair loss, or anything else...?

...In order to get to the ROOT CAUSE(S) of your issues, your doctor needs to 'pop your hood' and take a good look at the moving parts inside....and yes....IT'S COMPLICATED!

...The APPROPRIATE tests need to be done based on your symptoms, medical history, and other information. It is NEVER enough to have ROUTINE LABS done...because most of the time, they will come back...'IN THE NORMAL RANGE'....

...If your 'routine labs' come back 'in the normal range', the answer is not Prozac....! The answer is to keep looking!

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